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Training and boring should never co-exist. Except phonetically. In order for staff to better educate themselves about the ins and outs of the brands they represent, they need a learning environment that is both phun (with a ph) and rewarding. That’s where Cheddar Labs comes in. We’re a retail training program that’s scientifically proven to turn common sales associates into dedicated brand ambassadors. Yes, it’s possible.

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Posted on 2014/10/29

For this holiday season, Microsoft is fighting hard against Sony by lowering their Xbox One price below the PlayStation gaming console for the first time.

Posted on 2014/06/17

The Technology behind Microsoft’s Kinect is often put to question: citing its lack of features, high cost or its usage of Xbox’s processing power. However as proved by Microsoft’s latest ad campaign complaints about Kinect’s lack of functionality—especially when it comes to voice control—seem to be ill conceived.

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