Mobile Phone Telescope
Posted on 2015/05/14

Gunnit has won the Monthly Contest for April!

Posted on 2015/04/20

Did you read about the genius hacker who built his own BB-8 replica out of a Sphero toy and were extremely jealous of his adorable rolling droid friend?

Sphero Launch Prize Winner
Posted on 2015/03/26

With the launch of the Sphero training lab, there was a launch promo to win this little ball of awesomeness!

Social media and Retail Brands
Posted on 2014/11/28

Black Friday marks the unofficial start to the holiday shopping season. It is one of retailers’ busiest days and in the last few years,has brought long lines, chaotic crowds at big box stores and even broken out fights.

Xbox Finally Lower than Playstation
Posted on 2014/10/29

For this holiday season, Microsoft is fighting hard against Sony by lowering their Xbox One price below the PlayStation gaming console for the first time.

Posted on 2014/06/17

The Technology behind Microsoft’s Kinect is often put to question: citing its lack of features, high cost or its usage of Xbox’s processing power. However as proved by Microsoft’s latest ad campaign complaints about Kinect’s lack of functionality—especially when it comes to voice control—seem to be ill conceived.

E3 Update
Posted on 2014/06/10

Contrary to last year’s console oriented E3, so far this years installment of E3 has been all about premiering exclusive new games. Although console sales have been high thus far for the new generation consoles, the console gaming industry is under pressure from the rapid growth of mobile gaming.

Week Five D3P Winner
Posted on 2014/06/03

Congratulations to Cheddar Labs user hp31308 for being the 5th winner of our weekly Leap into Spring contest!

Posted on 2014/06/03

Nearly 75% of "hardcore gamers" recently polled said they plan to purchase either an Xbox One, PS4 or PC upgrades in 2014.

E3 2014 Announcement
Posted on 2014/05/29

Cheddar Labs prepares for several big announcements in advance of E3.

Week 2 D3P Winner
Posted on 2014/04/30

Congratulations redneckpoet, you have been drawn as the winner of week two's D3Publisher Weekly Prize Giveaways.

D3Publisher week 1 prize pack winner
Posted on 2014/04/27

We are proud to announce Cheddar Labs user Dacoto as the winner of the first of our D3Publisher Weekly Prize Giveaways.

007300zx Meet Sphero
Posted on 2014/02/04

007300zx, the smartest toy on the block is yours.

D3P TV Movie Prize Pack Winner
Posted on 2014/01/15

onthelake26, you are December's Monthly Prize Winner!

Welcome to a new generation
Posted on 2014/01/06

NeoReloaded313 — as part of our colleague referral contest that took place in December 2013 — you have been selected as the winner of the coveted Xbox One.

D3Publisher Joins Cheddar Labs
Posted on 2013/12/21

We’re pleased to introduce D3Publisher as the latest brand on Cheddar Labs!!!

22Rodes your time has come
Posted on 2013/11/01

Congratulations 22Rodes!!! For stepping up your game and completing the highest number of quizzes during October 2013, you are being rewarded with a brand new Playstation 4.

10,000th member
Posted on 2013/07/17

DeeDeester34, as our 10,000th member you have been awarded 100,000 points.