Posted on 2015/04/24
home depot employees

This spring, deals are popping up like daisies. Unlike the holiday season which is compiled of sale after sale, month long black friday sales and post turkey deals, the spring lacks holiday influenced sales.

Six years ago, in an attempt to heighten spring shopping traffic, Home Depot launched its’ “Spring Black Friday Sale” which was meant to mimic those of actual Black Friday. This year, Home Depot went a step further by introducing “Cyber Week.”

Unlike years in the past, Home Depot did not open any new stories, however, their e-commerce sales grew by 37% and made up 5% of total revenue. Thus, the emphasis on online customers. Cyber Week brought the consumers’ online shopping experiences to their local store by the addition of in store promotional sales and the honouring of additional online sales and prices.

Kevin Hofmann, Home Depot’s president of online operations, says Home Depot has no plans to dial back the amount, size or kinds of promotional experiences for their customers. “When the customer quits buying, that’s when we’ll stop running events.”