An overview worthy of one hundred and seven words. Cheddar Labs is about getting more out of front line staff. To not only transform them into super staff, but superstars.

By way of this very site, Cheddar Labs provides educational materials via a customizable set of training modules. And by customizable set of training modules, we mean labs. Upon completion of a lab, users (staff) will then complete custom quizzes to demonstrate how knowledgeable they’ve become. The more successful a user is at a quiz, the more loyalty points (a.k.a cheddar) and rewards (a.k.a cheddar) he or she can earn (a.k.a cheddar).

For real. And for reals.

user cycle


As your sales associates get to know and love and engage with Cheddar Labs, they become smarter and more passionate about your company’s products. They get rewarded for their knowledge, which makes them want to continue learning in a way that’s eager bordering on beaver. Which then makes them more efficient and effective at their job. Which in turn, makes the customer they’re helping feel more valued, more warm and definitely more fuzzy. Meaning this customer is more willing to shop until he or she drops.

And so it goes.