Our training modules are customized to feature content in a variety of formats, and the platform can be easily modified for any industry. Materials and quizzes are uploaded in text, video, audio, image and PDF formats through a simple administrative interface. Our user-friendly training approach makes learning fun, social and engaging.

Cheddar Lab Features:

  • Custom Branded Training Site
  • Training Labs & Quizzes
  • Built-in Loyalty Points & SWAG Redemption Program
  • Achievements and Intrinsic Rewards
  • Team Building Social Community Features
  • Leaderboards
  • Refer-a-Colleague
  • Monthly Contests
  • Performance Dashboards
  • Web Based

How do the quizzes work? Well each “lab” will have a number of modules you can click on. Read and learn that material and when you’re ready, click the quiz. Make sure you’re ready because you can only take the quiz 3 times in one day, and to get points you’re gonna need at least 60%. But don’t worry true/false and multiple choice is what you’re up against and there will be a question bank, so some of the questions will be different in following quizzes.


Internal Lab